Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Congress Exempts Itself as Small Business on Obamacare

Senators of Congress believe they are a "small business" operation?
Congress should NEVER exempt itself from any law they impose upon the American people. If they do not like it for themselves - make sure it does not pass or repeal it.
The AHA, called "Obamacare" should never have passed by a responsible Congress. Members of the federal government receive perks, benefits, and get away with exemptions that you and I cannot make. Income tax has been a sore upon the American people and those who most violate or seek loopholes are members of the government who refuses to repeal the 16th Amendment which would get rid of the IRS or at least reduce it to a small auditing agency instead of an arm of the American Gestapo.
Make your voice heard and make sure your representative and senator is towing the constitutional line.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Collectorz - DVD Database Review

I purchased the Collectorz video database so I could keep track of my DVDs, organize them, and easily find movies to select for viewing. The program worked great and cost me $30.
Each time there was an upgrade, it would cost me at least $10, no problem. Now upgrades cost $49.95.
No problem, I said, if I don't want or need an upgrade, no problem. I am happy with the version I have because it does what I want it to do. When I purchased the original program I bought the CD version to keep in software library in case I purchased a new computer or had a crash.
Unfortunately, Collectorz decided that it would force people to upgrade to their latest version by putting a block on it so you cannot use it to add new DVDs; as I found out. You can use the database with what is already in the library, but when adding a new one to your collection - sorry, the pop-up says, you must upgrade to use it.
Too bad because Collectorz not only offers a database program for movies, but also books, games, comics, and music.
I guess some folks get too greedy.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hillary File: Clinton Wants Judicial Sentencing Reform - Many Want to See Her Serve Time

Hillary Clinton said:
It's time to end the era of mass incarceration.
Whatever that means.
Debra J. Saunders says it is part of “Hillaryland” rules, saying as little as possible; learning from Obama that details can reveal true agenda or whatever is being covered up. All of it in pretending to care for a particular agenda, until elected. In this case she is taking advantage of the headlines concerning the Baltimore riots. The speech was made at the Columbia University in New York.
Is it not special that Hillary is for “reforming” judicial sentencing, when she herself belongs in prison?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Taking a Stand Against Islamic Jihad

Once upon a time people could travel about and hold public events without threats of violence, especially in Europe. Here in the United States there wasn't any argument as to what the rule of law is and the law of the land: constitutional law. Our children were taught what they needed to know to become productive and loyal citizens to the Constitution and its amendments.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hillary's Long List of "Mistakes"

If you follow the political and economic career of Hillary Clinton, whenever a scandal arises that shows unethical or illegal actions, it is written off as a "mistake". Like, it was a "mistake" when her law firms records that was supposed to be turned over to the authorities, found in a closet at the White House when the Clintons moved in.
The "mistake" of $6 billion unaccounted for during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State - and the now more "mistakes" or so-called "errors" show that the Clinton Foundation did not report millions of dollars of foreign donations.
Reuters reported that the Clinton "charities" will be refiling tax returns and will undergo another audit.
As a senator, Hillary's record shows that she did not earn her congressional paycheck. Her record as Secretary of State would be uneventful if it wasn't for her obvious incompetence and criminal actions (like Benghazi), certainly could not be deemed productive as far as any benefit for the United States concerning foreign affairs.
Despite all of this, she has the audacity to begin her campaign to become the "first woman president"; expecting everyone, as too many in the past have done, to ignore her history of "mistakes". In almost every scandal that the Clintons were involved in, people were prosecuted and some went to prison, while Bill and Hillary marched on without a noticeable slowing of their political step.
Based on the history of her "mistakes" and "errors" alone, why would anyone trust her to represent the United States as President, and become our commander-in-chief? Obama has not improved the economy, as his predecessor failed to do; and has set up our nation for a serious national security problem - a disaster worse than Americans have ever had to endure. And now Obama's comrade of the democratic-socialist party, Hillary Clinton, wants We the People to put her in the White House.
What a joke, if the situation was not so serious.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Senator Turns Out To Be Just Another RINO

My senator representing my district of Wisconsin voted to appoint Loretta Lynch. I sent an email stating in so many words that it was wrong to give in and that true reformation of the federal government cannot ever become reality if the Constitution is compromised.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Violence Continues and President Obama Speaks Out

Briefly mentioning the despicable rioting and looting in Baltimore, President Obama went on during his Rose Garden press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister, to term what is happening in Baltimore is a crisis, not because of looting and burning, but because of “racially motivated police brutality” - this time he says such acts is inexcusable and criminal. He continued by describing the problem in 'Black' communities and how wrong the whole affair is. President Obama condemned the “criminals and thugs” who were part of rioting and looting, adding: “there's no excuse for the kind of violence that we saw”.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

It Could Not Happen Here ...?

Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer just posted a news headline coming from jolly old England, a nation member of the United Kingdom, and wrote:
Lutfur Rahman may be looking for work now; I suggest he become the poster child for what is wrong with contemporary Britain. ...because those who should be stopping them are desperately afraid of charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia.” They’re more afraid of those charges than they are of the destruction and damage that these Islamic supremacists leave in their wake. It is good that Lutfur Rahman has been barred from standing for office again, but unless there is a massive change in the British political culture, and this cowardice and appeasement set aside, there will be many more Lutfur Rahmans.

Government IS The Problem - Let's Find A Solution Now

In Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Address in January of 1981, he correctly stated:
In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.
The interstate highway system, California’s aqueducts and UC higher education system, the Panama and Suez Canals, national parks, the Internet, a sustained rural power grid, many small city main streets – these accomplishments and others have helped improve quality of life and economic productivity. They would never have happened without the vision, energy, and resources of government. So government can clearly be the solution.
The Internet, for example, was not created by the government and neither was the power grid. It was invented and put into implementation by private sector inventors with a vision and visionary investors. The Internet has done so well because government was only allowed limited control, but that is soon to change with the control freaks of the Obama administration. Indeed, Bell Telephone was the first communication entity, which was handled by the government until the US Supreme Court decided it best not to be a monopoly entity and turned it over to the private sector.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ben Affleck Demonstrates Hollywood Hypocrisy

Ben Affleck made the news involved in a scandal concerning the progressives who operate the so-called Public Broadcasting System (PBS). The gist of it is that Affleck pressured to not release that his ancestors were slave owners while involved in a PBS documentary. Progressives, some erroneously called them "liberals", like to water down and change words to suit their political and cultural propaganda. In this example, censorship is replaced with flowery words/phrase: "collective collaborative process" - key word for socialism is "collective".
The problem with PBS and the NPR (National Public Radio) is that it is big government propaganda and narrow minded - subsidized by your tax money. The question why has never been answered and Congress has never sent its socialist agenda into the private sector where the PBS/NPR would solely rely upon funding and paid advertisement.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Usual Political Side-Stepping and Campaign 2016 Speculations

Hillary Clinton in her campaign to get support for 2016, has accused President Obama of stalling out the creation of small business in the United States. Kind of like accusing one's boss of something and not admitting to one's own guilt in the matter.
White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest tried to dodge the question concerning the topic by an ABC news reporter, Jonathan Karl, but failed. So, Earnest did what his boss is known for: blamed it on the Republicans. But if any American has been paying attention, it is only recently that the Republicans have had the majority in Congress. Keith Koffler posted an article with a transcript of the WH press conference.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marie Harf: Example of Transparency Promised by BH Obama

The following two C-SPAN video clips demonstrate how important questions are answered, especially the one where we are giving Iran funds. If a country is under sanctions, why provide funding? If a country's leadership cries for the death of the United States - we still provide them funding?
Here is the links to the two videos featuring Mary Harf, spokesperson for US State Department press conference:

ALSO: Obama Iranian Affair Deception

Congressional Members to Propose Gas Tax Hike

Here is a copy of what I sent to my congressional members, and I suggest you do the same. Now that fuel prices have lowered, helpful during present economic conditions - we do not need the federal government making it more expensive ... especially since they take too much anyway.
The two sponsors for the tax hike are:
Republican Jim Renacci of Ohio and Democrat Bill Pascrell of New Jersey ...
Neither should be a member of Congress.
Feel free to use the content of his letter to send to your congressional members:

Dear (Your Representative):
Dear Your Senator(s):

The federal gas tax was imposed to fund the construction of the interstate highway system and was originally supposed to sunset in 1969. It's long past time to return this power to the states and local governments without running money through a huge Washington bureaucracy.
Any tax hike would be a step in the wrong direction.

Wage growth has been stagnant for several years, and higher gas taxes would take back the financial relief families are finally feeling as prices at the pump have eased.

I urge you to vote NO on any proposed federal gas tax hike, including the Corker-Murphy and Renacci-Pascrell proposals.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Global Cooling: Looking for Common Sense and Plans to Adapt

I am so sick of so-called scientists and 'experts' crying about climate change and sporadic weather patterns that is natural history of the planet we call Earth – Terraforma.
The morons of the Nobel council gave Al Gore a prize for his crusade about what he termed 'global warming'. For that matter, when Barack Obama first became president they gave him a Nobel Peace prize for what reason I still have not been able to surmise. Obama has declared that climate change is a national security - not his amnesty program or border invasion on US southern border. The sad and alarming thing is not enough people are laughing at him or showing their disgust with his lying.
With all of this junk scientific jargon, it is no wonder that the general public has a dim view or look favorably upon the scientific community.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Loretta Lynch: Facts Against Her Appointment Are NOT Racial

Clarice Feldman (American Thinker) artfully points out that if there is any racism it is coming from the Obama administration ... replacing a black with a black instead of replacing someone who believes in constitutional law. Like President Obama, Lynch is being chosen for her race, not qualifications. Eric Holder received unanimous confirmation vote to become US Attorney General, so what could be against him except his record in office and ignoring constitutional law? Indeed, his actions demonstrated that he believes that he, and his boss, are above the law.
Write to the Senate and tell them we do not need another Eric Holder, we need a constitutional US Attorney General, whatever be their race. Why would We the People want another Holder in office? She has proven during interviews that she sees nothing wrong with the unconstitutional act of Obama's amnesty and his defiance against a court order to stop his amnesty program until court action is taken is a hallmark of many unconstitutional acts disregarding the separation of powers and limited powers and authority of the executive branch.
If the Democrats want to examine racism, just take a look at the Ferguson, Missouri affair or how Obama treats long-time ally, Israel; while not addressing the problems with global Islamic Jihadism or ignoring the plight of Christian persecution and murders. Anti-Semitism and anti-Christian in actions, inaction, and words.